Sox continued to gaze at the woman before settling back onto his seat. He adjusted himself almost lounging in the chair, his expression almost amused at the woman’s response. “No, this isn’t a private bar, but you don’t see very many woman around these here” he answered as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small coin and started to twist it in his fingers as he gazed around the place, and tilting hhis head to gesture that Louise should do the same and to show his point.

Sox seemed to be thinking about something when he turned his attention back to the woman. “What are you doing around here anyways?” He asked the tone of his voice baring a hint of coldness and indifference. He stopped what he was doing and fully appraised the woman in front of him.

Louise watched with thinly veiled irritation at herself as the man seemed entertained by her uneasiness, her glare narrowing for a moment before she mirrored his relaxed stance. She caught the shine of something silver out of the corner of her eye and furrowed her brow as watched him play with the coin for an extended moment. Glancing back to face, she followed his gaze around the bar and noted the seemingly exclusive male clientele. She smirked, biting back a response about finding that fact appealing.

The girl turned back to her drink, lifting it but pausing before taking a sip, her eyes darting back to Sox curiously. “Here in the bar or the city?” She again drained the glass before offering a well rehearsed lie. “I’m studying in Tokyo but here… I’m just drinking.”